Freedom: “Do” or “Do not”?

I was reading one of LICC‘s Word for the Week emails and in passing it said this:

[P]erhaps surprisingly, negative commands give more freedom than positive ones.

I thought it was an interesting point. Which does indeed give more freedom? I’d not really thought of that before…
If there are 1000 options of what to do, then 1 “Do” is more restrictive than 998 “Do not”s.
So even if a religion’s teachings were full of “Do not”s it wouldn’t mean it was more restrictive than if if had lots of “Do”s.
It would mean though that it was more open to interpretation and debate.
Perhaps religions that have lots of “Do”s are more limiting, but offer more comfort of there only being one “right” way.

What would you prefer:

  • A system where everything is forbidden and just a selection of things are permitted, or
  • A system where everything is permitted and just a selection of things are forbidden?

Although personal preference isn’t a factor in determining the truth, is it?

Hedonism & Philosophy

Being preached at from the stage
about tolerance & acceptance
whilst being shown images of women bearing their breasts for the crowd
watching a woman dance provocatively with lots of men,
only one her boyfriend
smoking weed
sniffing drugs
drinking beer.

This weird mix of philosophy & physical feeling
reminds me of The Matrix Reloaded;
unrealistic idealism mixed with sensual indulgence.

He’s not wrong
this IS their church
this is where they heal their hurts
where they lift their hands to their idols
are preached to
develop their morals
experience their ‘highs’
feel valued and part of something.

Here they find they belong
find something to live for
find something to fight against
find something to worship
something to take the pain away
to distract them from their lives.