British sport

BBC NEWS | Magazine | 10 uses for an unwanted England flag

I like that article, except it’s a little out of date – Andy Murray is now out of Wimbledon too!

I don’t know – us Brits just need to get used to disappointment.  No wonder we’re such a pessimistic nation when our national representatives do so rubbishly.  I hereby vow not to get over-excited by football or tennis… not until the new footballs season starts or perhaps the Wimbledon final…

Sport’s a weird thing isn’t it?

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No pub

Well, didn’t go to the pub cos no-one else could be bothered.
0-0 was the score.
Pretty poor game, and we looked under pressure in the first half. Second half was very subdued with no-one really looking like they’d score.
But hey, we’re through.

Another day, another night

Well, it’s that time of the night again. The time when it stops really being today and becomes tomorrow. About 5am is the latest people go to bed and is also the earliest people get up. Hey – I’m gonna do neither tonight.
Lots of work on. 11 hours to get my project done and dusted. 8 hours of fierce working on it. 2 hours of printing, copying etc. 1 hours leeway to get it handed in.
I think I work as much as the next guy… just in big chunks…
Wanna know what I’ve been up to since my last entry… erm
Work, Football (in which I hurt my ankle, knee and both arms – impressive eh?, Work, TV (feed the addiction :o), Work, Sleep (just a little), Work, Work, Work…
Although in 366 hours I will have finished my degree. So one hour for every day of a leap year… like 2004 will be, but 2000 wasn’t – did you spot that?
Am I rambling? How come I can do it nice and easily on here, but when it comes to real work I type about a word a minute on average… maybe the problem is that it’s meant to be coherent, and this isn’t.
Hope you’re all sleeping well – get some for me.

Time to dance

Oh, if only it was time to dance, then I’d be happy. One of KT’s friends at her party said that I was a really good dancer… that made me smile. Dancing is one of those things you can’t really know how good you are at it, cos you can’t see yourself doing it!
Anyway, away from my boasting…
Tuesday after I got my coursework handed in, I went round to KT’s to polish off our presentation, mainly coming up with an “Elevator pitch” for our product – supposedly lots of people approach venture capitalists in lifts, so they can’t run away, so people prepare a 30-second speech to sell their product. That was we had to do for our product.
Our product is very cool, and I’m not going to say what it is on here in case we ever want to use it for business, although I think we have proof we came up with it first. Look out for us getting rich from it! MWUHAHAHAA! oh, wel providing we could sort out some legal issues with it.
The presentation the next morning went well, KT did the actual pitch, and did so very well – women are more natural at selling things in my opinion :o)
Then Weds arvo I played football – 4-aside this week – VERY tiring, but also very fun.
Then I lisetened to Huddersfield vs Brentford in the Division 2 playoff semi-final. We went 1-0 up after 2 mins! Then they equalised after about 15 mins. 1-1. Then 20 seconds into the second half – they scored again. 1-2. Then a few minutes before the end… one of their players handballed in the area! But the ref was blind and didn’t give it as a penalty. So we lost.
Another season in Div 2 for the Terriers, oh well.
Last night I got a really good night’s sleep because I haven’t had one of those in about a week because of all the work that I have on. Now I just need to have a short night tonight to get my draft dissertation polished off for tomorrow, and the weekend will be nice. Then next week all I have to do is neaten it up and hand it in – scary!
So now, back on with work.
Take care all of you!

Another day, another match

Well, let’s have a look see what I have done over the past couple of days…
Thursday evening went well, although Graham couldn’t come because he’s fractured his toe by cycling into a metal post – OUCH!
So it was me, Jim and Simon – we went to the Rose & Crown (so much for impromptu BS – although we had some good chats about stuff) to meet up with Tim Lee and 5 other lads. Was a good night even though we crashed and burned at the quiz! Saw Jo from hall in the first year there – but she was working so we didn’t really chat. Also saw some people from my housegroup (a.k.a. pubgroup)… maybe they were left there form the night before!?
Then it was back here to work very hard. Worked through until about 4.00am, and set my alarm for 8am. I even managed to get up at 8… for about 2 minutes! I realised that the fact I couldn’t focus on anything and was walking into stuff meant that I wasn’t going to be much use working. So I went back to bed for another 90mins. Started work just after 10 in the end.
Worked through until 1.40, when I tried to print off my essay (due at 2) and it mangled the paper lots and printed crooked, so after a brief panic, I printed on Simon’s printer and everything was ok.
Then I drove Simon to Main Campus and myself to Jubilee to hand in my work – arriving at 1.59 just in time to collect a token to say I was there before 2! PHEW! My perfect timing pays off again! Hehe.
Yesterday evening was KT’s birthday party at the Bag O’ Nails and then on to The Zone (below The Palais) KT was annoyed cos we got to the Bag a bit later than expected (like 1h30m) so I officially apologise to her now – SORRY! And then apparently she “lost us” in The Zone… even though we were in the same place all night. Maybe she’d had a bit to drink and got disorientated?
Anyway, we left The Zone about 1.40, walked up to Charcoals, Jim and Rob had a kebab, which I sat and watched them eat. Then we walked home, eventually getting back just before 3.
Then it was some ISS on the PS1, and then eventually to bed about 5.
Up today since about midday, watched Liverpool vs Spurs on TV.
Now had lunch and just popping down the road to do a brief shop and then back to work.