Car tax

Vehicle Licensing Online

Just taxed my car online – and it all worked just fine – YAY!

Although the past 2 times I tried it didn’t work (“maintenance” or something), I think it’s a very simple and neat system, stops me needing to get to a Post Office during the day which can be tricky.  I was 2 days late getting it and there was no automatic fine or anything, so that was nice.

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Taste sensation?

Hrm, blogging a lot in the past few days, aren’t I?

Anyway, I’ve just tried a self-created concoction… and here’s how it came about:
I wanted lunch
I wanted bagels for lunch (cinamon & raisin)
My (lovely) fiancée thinks I should eat more fruit & veg
I wondered how I might combine bagels & fruit
So I tried it…
I toasted the cinamon & raisin bagels
I buttered them
I put raspberry jam on 2 halves
then, the piece de la resistance… I put sliced banana on the other half!

It was jolly nice, although I think a combination of the jam AND the banana would have led to an even more pleasurable experience.

Oh, I did some more work today too. And I still need more ideas on my last entry on how to unechoify my office.

On top of that I’ve enable full RSS feeds now, so those of you that read this through can hopefully see the full thing without ever having to soil my real website with your dirty web browsers.

Thanks. That is all.

Another day, another match

Well, let’s have a look see what I have done over the past couple of days…
Thursday evening went well, although Graham couldn’t come because he’s fractured his toe by cycling into a metal post – OUCH!
So it was me, Jim and Simon – we went to the Rose & Crown (so much for impromptu BS – although we had some good chats about stuff) to meet up with Tim Lee and 5 other lads. Was a good night even though we crashed and burned at the quiz! Saw Jo from hall in the first year there – but she was working so we didn’t really chat. Also saw some people from my housegroup (a.k.a. pubgroup)… maybe they were left there form the night before!?
Then it was back here to work very hard. Worked through until about 4.00am, and set my alarm for 8am. I even managed to get up at 8… for about 2 minutes! I realised that the fact I couldn’t focus on anything and was walking into stuff meant that I wasn’t going to be much use working. So I went back to bed for another 90mins. Started work just after 10 in the end.
Worked through until 1.40, when I tried to print off my essay (due at 2) and it mangled the paper lots and printed crooked, so after a brief panic, I printed on Simon’s printer and everything was ok.
Then I drove Simon to Main Campus and myself to Jubilee to hand in my work – arriving at 1.59 just in time to collect a token to say I was there before 2! PHEW! My perfect timing pays off again! Hehe.
Yesterday evening was KT’s birthday party at the Bag O’ Nails and then on to The Zone (below The Palais) KT was annoyed cos we got to the Bag a bit later than expected (like 1h30m) so I officially apologise to her now – SORRY! And then apparently she “lost us” in The Zone… even though we were in the same place all night. Maybe she’d had a bit to drink and got disorientated?
Anyway, we left The Zone about 1.40, walked up to Charcoals, Jim and Rob had a kebab, which I sat and watched them eat. Then we walked home, eventually getting back just before 3.
Then it was some ISS on the PS1, and then eventually to bed about 5.
Up today since about midday, watched Liverpool vs Spurs on TV.
Now had lunch and just popping down the road to do a brief shop and then back to work.

The Day Today

Well, today I got up for my 9am lecture which surprised me a little after I didn’t sleep very well – this house gets very hot when everyone’s back… I even had to use my fan to cool me down!
Anyway, the lecture was ok, and then I went to see my dissertation tutor to find out if I could change the slant of my dissertation to include some other “fun” work I have been doing. He sounded quite positive, but I need to get the go-ahead from the head of the projects, and see if I can change my title slightly to make it fit better. I couldn’t find her today tho 🙁
This arvo I had a meeting about my Entrepreneurship coursework where we realised that the idea we have might completely flop of we find out it’s illegal… we have a few backups, but they’re not as cool. Then it was back here to fiddle with my computers for a bit.
This evening Simon cooked a chicken in a mustard sauce on pasta, which was REALLY nice… I’m gonna miss you next year Simon! (Let’s see if he reads this). We watched Enterprise and Dawson’s Creek (Jen and Dawson?! never would have guessed it… an anti-climax really)
Now it’s back to work. KT is here and we’re going to fake up some questionnaires (oops, did I say “fake” I mean “make” of course) for our Entrepreneurship and find out some of the laws concerning the sale of alcoholic drinks. If anyone reading this knows the law about selling drinks or knows where we could find it… please let me know!
Bye for now!


Well, look how early it is! I’m off to have breakfast with Duncan in a sec, but I thought I’d report in first.
Last night I went to church for “Connected 2”, it was really cool – pushing the limits of what “worship” is. It started off with a beat-based DJ set at the start, which was actually the best bit, with time and space to worship in your own styleee. Then it went a bit more “traditional” with a band leading some songs, interspersed with some more DJ sets, but it was all rocking and well-prepared. All in all a great night, definitely something there to investigate more!
Anyway, I’m hungry, so I’m going.

Mmm beer

Well, after a dinner of sizzle and stir chicken, I did some more work and then we headed out to the “Leicestershire Poacher” (I think) on Mansfield Road to experience some “real beers”.
The beer was nice, I had a pint of each of Bateman’s XB, Bateman’s Dark Mild and Fuller’s London Pride. All very palatable, thought the DM was my favourite.
I think Simon and Rob also sampled: Cropton’s King Billy (which huggie didn’t finish) and Gale’s HSB
On the way home I had my first taste of a meaty kebab! A chiken tikka with salad, mayo and hot chilli sauce from Charcoal’s… mmm very nice.
Well, I’m going to watch a film now and head bedwards.
UPDATE: for “watch a film”, read “play counter-strike”

The passing of the night

Well, the meal was very pleasant and reasonable priced in Wetherspoons – a mixed grill and my first taste of steak in a long time (was not impressed). We chatted loads and sorted stuff out, which is cool.
Then Ol, Karen, Pete, Liz, Max and myself went to see Blade 2 – it was AMAZING! What a class film. Darker than the original, more gorey, more fights, better special effects, even a couple of super wrestling moves slipped their way in. Class. If you like action/mild horror then SEE THIS FILM!
Then home to chat to parents and fill in application form for Navs year out.