Just been to see Minority report. It’s a very good film. Some cheesy bits, but not many. Talks a lot about fate and predestination and stuff in an action-packed kinda way. Not a bog-standard Hollywood job, a bit more thinky than that. 8/10 I’d say


Well, yesterday, my day looked thus:
Watch some football and films
Get dressed
Church (which was SO relevant – about having the right attitude to work – boy do I need that!)
Back to watch some films (Me, Myself & Irene (amazingly good!) and very end of 10 Things I Hate About You) & chat to housemates.
Bed, late.

Late late show

Here’s the technical bit – pay attention:
Well, I haven’t got that much done today because I have been trying to find a decent XML/XSLT parser to use for my project. One that works AND has documentation is hard to come by.
“XML – because I’m worth it!”
Anyway, back to reality…
Watched the film Keeping The Faith which was really cool – funny, romantic and interesting! Caught the end of Fortress 2 which was absolutely awful!
Then The Premiership, interspersed with Celebrities Behaving Badly, which was amusing!

The passing of the night

Well, the meal was very pleasant and reasonable priced in Wetherspoons – a mixed grill and my first taste of steak in a long time (was not impressed). We chatted loads and sorted stuff out, which is cool.
Then Ol, Karen, Pete, Liz, Max and myself went to see Blade 2 – it was AMAZING! What a class film. Darker than the original, more gorey, more fights, better special effects, even a couple of super wrestling moves slipped their way in. Class. If you like action/mild horror then SEE THIS FILM!
Then home to chat to parents and fill in application form for Navs year out.