It’s morning

OK, it’s morning and I just got up. What to do today?

Think I’ll head round to Duncan’s in a bit, then try and do a bunch of work. (cancelled and replaced with a walk in Wollaton Park)
Later I need to pack so that I can leave pronto tomorrow after meeting Duncan.

What I’m up to

Well, you can see I’m up late… this is because I’ve been fiddling with this most of today, and have finally figured out why it wasn’t working – see the last news item.
Now it works, the test is whether I will use it or not!

Work today was:
– Tidy room (done)
– Write dissertation (done… I wish!)
– Be freaked out by Jon-man (done)

cool eh?

Got this working!

Well it works, and the CSS is valid and correct Content-Type!

Now the only thing I don’t like is the way it opens a new window when you click on comments for a story… hrm, will endeavour to fix that!

That’s for you techie’s out there!

Well here it is!

Dunno who I’m going to tell about this – maybe my parents etc.

I know that if I don’t update it much, people won’t look at it ever again!