Kanchanaburi: The town of ‘The Bridge over the River Kwai’

WWII War Memorial Didn’t think that the museum or the guides did the history behind the railway or bridge much justice, barely mentioning the 16,000 POW’sĀ  & 100,000 civilians who died during it’s construction (information courtesy of Rough Guide) and the museum was bizarre.

Braved the cheap seats on ‘the Death Railway’ and managed to find one that wasn’t broken šŸ™‚

Enjoyed the Bamboo rafting, particularly when the boy who was meant to be steering us missed the landing and had to jump in.

Elephant TrekkingElephant riding was the highlight for me. Found them fascinating- they follow their own footprints and actually walk very daintily given how huge they are. Had been a bit worried about whether we should do this but didn’t see anything obviously wrong. We’d decided to veto the Tiger Temple (where we would’ve been able to cuddle a tiger- yes really) after reading a welfare report on it šŸ™ . Also saw two leopard cubs which were increbidly cute but sadly were chained up so tourists could hold them and give them a bottle (of probably drugged milk).

Waterfall was really impressive but only had 20mins so didn’t bother changing to swim.

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We’re now enjoying a few days of luxury at Mum & Dad’s, making the most of comfy beds, home cooked food and hot showers before we get used to the not so luxurious Ā£1 hostels in less than a weeks time šŸ˜‰

Have managed to catch up with a few friends whist we’re back. Had lunch with Jill who I met on my nursing course in Notts but who now lives in Oz and happened to be back visiting her parents in Norfolk. Also had tea with Shelly, who’d just arrived back from the USA yesterday morning. So all in all, pretty good timing to be back here:-). Think it’ll be hard to say goodbye to Mum and Dad, Dan and Claire tomorrow, but at least they’ll all be visiting us whilst we’re out there šŸ™‚