Santa Catalina & Isla de Coiba

Lunch in Coiba National ParkDespite our reservations about buses after our experience in Panama City, our four buses to Santa Catalina connected so quickly that our lunch consisted of whatever snacks we could find left in our bags. We were here for diving at Isla del Coiba, an island that used to be a notorious penal colony. The land home to crocs, turtles, snakes and lots of exotic wildlife and the surrounding waters filled with big sharks, dolphins and all manner of other fishes.

Our three dives were great and we saw lots of white tip reef sharks (no biggies), a few turtles (we saw many more surfacing from the boat trip between sites), schools of barracuda and Alex saw the shadow of a manta ray (Lizzy missed it though the guide assured us he’d seen 3). The best bit though was the travelling by boat between dives when pods of dolphins swam around the boat and we were able to stop and get in the water to briefly swim with them- it was awesome. Dolphins are such graceful and playful animals it’s always a joy to see them and hear their clicking underwater 🙂

A few photos here.

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