La Paz

Illimani looks over the cityArriving at 6am from the overnight bus, we stumbled bleary-eyed around La Paz exploring the slightly unimpressive plazas but admiring the glimpses of the huge snow-capped mountain that overlooks the city’s steep, cobbled streets. The following day, feeling slightly more awake after a proper night’s sleep, we attempted to collect a package that had been sent to La Paz Poste Restante 3 weeks earlier (unsurprisingly it wasn’t there), explored the interesting coca museum (suggests it’s only since the West got hold of coca that misuse has been a problem), did some more planning and booked our bus trip to leave La Paz the following day. Unfortunately, Lizzy got food poisoning that night and our departure to Lake Titicaca was delayed by 36hrs.

A few more photos here.

Illimani looks over the city

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