Iguazu: The largest waterfalls on earth

WOW! Definitely one of the most impressive sights we’ve ever seen. Hundreds of waterfalls thundering down into a chasm of whiteness. It was utterly awesome – if only our photos did it justice. Thankfully one of the staff at the hostel we stayed in gave us loads of excellent advice about which parts of the falls to do and when. First, we did the Brazilian side of the falls (the falls span the border between Brazil & Argentina), and ended up getting about 8 buses taking nearly 3 hours to cross the border and get there. Being a little wiser to the process with the local buses after our earlier experience, on the way back we took only 3 buses and under 1 hour – phew! We had a fabulous time on both the Argentinean (definitely the better) side and Brazilian side, walking, spotting monkeys in the trees, trying to identify other strange animals and looking at the most amazing array of waterfalls pretty much anywhere in the world. All in all, two very excellent but very long, hot and sweaty days – we have no doubt this will be one of the highlights of our trip.

More photos here.


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