Bali, Indonesia

Well, despite my best efforts to try and convince Alex that I could still speak Indonesian, 22years after I last spoke it, it soon became apparent that this was wishful thinking and my secret dream that I would be instantly fluent again was dashed 🙁 (maybe I really am the most forgetful person in the world….it’s pretty impressive forgetting how to speak an entire language isn’t it?!)

The Water Palace in Ubud

Anyway, back to Bali! Beautiful, lush, green, hot, humid, tropical Bali. I love it! We arrived at midday and went straight off to explore Ubud and the monkey sanctuary.

The Monkey Temples, Ubud

I’m pleased to say that I won a fight with the monkey that almost immediately tried to grab my water bottle but I will admit, flashbacks from watching Outbreak and 28 Days Later unnerved me slightly and I was a bit more cautious as we approached the hundreds that were running freely through the forest. After surviving the ‘sanctuary’ we wandered through the numerous art and crafts shops before heading back to our pre-booked (read: blown the budget for Christmas) guest house for a swim.

Feels strange thinking it’s Christmas tomorrow but we’re looking forward to treating ourselves to an extra nice meal and a Balinese massage 🙂

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  1. Happy Christmas! We missed you here in Sevenoaks! Hope you had a good meal/massage – I’m sure we’ll read all about it sometime soon.

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