Koh Chang “Elephant Island”

After weeks of moving on every few days, we decided a whole 7 nights should be spent on, or near the beach. We chose Koh Chang (translates as “Elephant Island”) in Thailand for this and, after a rather long and tiring journey (including a bus breaking down and missing the last ferry), we arrived at Lonely Beach on the island just before midnight. A couple of nights later, we finally found some accommodation that was clean and cheap enough for us and settle there for the remaining 5 nights. It also came with a pretty nice view of sunset over the sea – for free!

Broken minibus Sunset from Sai Kaew Inn

We spent 5 days on the beach, working our way through the books we’re carrying, building our tans and swimming in the sea. The remaining day we went scuba diving and snorkeling. The scuba diving was infinitely better than Phu Quoc where we last dived, both in terms of visibility and interesting things to see (this time the new things we saw were a Lion Fish and a puffer fish – last time it was just nudibranchs which aren’t so amazing). We took the underwater camera snorkelling after our dives…

Snorkelling in Koh Chang Snorkelling in Koh Chang

We have a flight from Bangkok to Bali on Christmas Eve, so we leave Koh Chang on the 23rd and travel for 10 hours back to Bangkok, ready for our flight the next morning. Koh Chang is a lovely place – here’s some more photos so you can see for yourselves:

White Sand Beach, Koh Chang Sunset at Koh Chang

More photos

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  1. Happy Christmas to you both.
    It looks like your making good memories.
    May God give you a great 2010.
    wiht love from
    Duncan & Joy.

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