Phu Quoc: Hot & Chilled

Palm fringed sands, clear blue skies and a calm turquoise sea… what else could a person want for? Phu Quoc was a perfect, if a little pricey, retreat after a fairly frantic 11days  travelling through the rest of Vietnam.

The SCUBA diving wasn’t up to much compared to Phuket, Thailand, but in all other ways (apart from the food- Vietnamese is not a patch on Thai food )  it surpassed it and remains (for now) quite unspoilt.

Long Beach, Phu Quoc Long Beach, Phu Quoc Lizzy swims off Phu Quoc's Long Beach Sunset on Phu Quoc's Long Beach

Nope we didn’t order the ‘crap with fried vermicelli’ 🙂 We did order a chocolate tart though (are you proud Julie?) and this is what we were served on a plate with a knife and fork-quality 🙂

We didn't eat this Lizzy's dessert one day

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One thought on “Phu Quoc: Hot & Chilled”

  1. Hi Lizzie and Alex – posted this on one of the many fantastic locations and away from the more “historical” themes, which are worth seeing, but against which, it would be difficult to place suitable words

    I think your blog is great and the photos are really super. Looks like you’re having a great time too!
    Thanks (belatedly – I’m a bit of a Luddite with this bloggy stuff) for your birthday card/material, which I hasten to add arrived well before the date.

    Love to both from all of us in F.Royal

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