Hoi An: Shopping Spree

Having managed to stick to our budget pretty well so far, we decided to blow it in Hoi An 🙂 , buying between us: a tailor-made wool and cashmere suit, 3 tailor-made shirts, 2 tailor-made dresses, 2 tailor-made skirts and one of the shelf,  made to measure knee high leather boots and a pair of leather work shoes for Alex (particularly useful for him due to his hobbit-like feet and his second brain). Fortunately, all of that set us back less than £200, far less than we’d pay if we bought new in NZ!

Alex tries on his Hoi An suit A shiny Hoi An shop

Hoi An really is a shoppers dream- if you come with your own designs and sketches, one of the hundreds of tailors would be able to make it within a day or two for less than you’d pay anywhere in the UK. The only down side is that the Vietnamese LOVE bureaucracy so organizing our box to be shipped to New Zealand (thanks Nick for taking it) took over an hour to do (over 2 if you include dealing with the guy that tried to swindle us at the hotel on our first attempt) and 6 pages of paperwork!

More photos (well, 2 more)

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