Vang Vieng: Friends, Tubes and Drugs

Took a 5 hour bus through the mountains to Vang Vieng where the weather was sunny 🙂 (hadn’t seen the sun since leaving Thailand).

Scenery en route to Vang Vieng

Spent the next day tubing down the river, stopping at the bars (check out the menu- yep it’s all illegal, and no of course not), swinging on the ropes and jumping into the water.

Jane Lizzy Tarzan Alex

Alex flying again A menu at a bar

The actual stretch of water that you tube down is 6 km long and we were stupidly advised before we went (flipping Kiwis – why are we going to live in their country?! 🙂 ) that we didn’t really need to get a tube but we thought we’d get one and share it anyway…

Us tubing in Vang Vieng

Needless to say, further downstream (which the Kiwis blatantly never made it to) the river becomes very shallow, fast and rocky and  poor Alex (who’d insisted I take the tube) got scratched and bruised and lost his watch & wedding ring (fortunately only cheap replacements for the real thing!). However he wasn’t too sad (see below).

One of the many riverside bars Cheers!

Had a wicked time, met 4 Scots who we hung out with which was a lot of fun. We also enjoyed watching Friends and Family Guy which were the only things played by EVERY bar in town rather bizarrely (although we’re almost ashamed to admit we enjoyed it but after a month of no TV, it was pretty good!)

The next morning, we got the bus back to Luang Prabang.

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