Laos: Landmines, Luang Prabang & Waterfalls

Interesting facts about Loas- The Americans (God bless ’em) dropped 2 million tonnes of bombs on this beautiful land in the 60’s and 70’s.  30% failed to detonate so walking off tracks is generally unadvisable. Unfortunately, some of the locals risk their limbs and lives now trying to scrap the bombs in for money! It’s a very poor country.

Anyway, onto happier notes! Luang Prabang is pretty and chilled out. Did a day trip to Kouang Xi Waterfalls which was gorgeous.

Kuang Xi Waterfall   Kuang Xi Waterfall

Also saw a legit bear sanctuary which was pretty amazing.

The bear sanctuary at Kuang Xi Waterfall 

 Spent the rest of the time wandering the night markets and riding round the city.

Luang Prabang Night Market

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