Trekking, tribes and charging baby elephants

Decided to do a two day trek in the hills, visiting a couple of tribes. Loved the activities but didn’t think much of the first guide (who managed to lose 3 of the people in the jungle…fortunately they managed to find their own way to our camp!!). Also didn’t like having my arse eaten by a load of evil insects while we sat down waiting for our guide to return… OUCH!

Showering in a river was a new experience for both of us, but still very pleasant after sweating buckets on the walk. The next day we swam in some waterfalls, did some white water rafting (which was far safer than our truck ride to the water!) and did some more elephant riding. Before we arrived here, we’d already been told about a very ‘naughty’ baby elephant. We spotted it quite quickly when half way through our elephant ride, a baby elephant came charging through the jungle, hotly pursued by its mahout (elephant trainer). All the fully grown elephants were quick to step out of his way (fortunately we were holding on!) and eventually the mahout managed to jump on his back and slow him down. The other baby elephant was really cute too and kept touching us all with his trunk. I think Elephants are my favourite animals…unfortunately Alex doesn’t think our garden is big enough to have one as a pet 🙂

Looking back at the banana farm Lizzy makes a new friend

Swimming in the waterfalls Overloaded? Not for Thailand!

Elephant bath! Karen long neck tribal lady

One thought on “Trekking, tribes and charging baby elephants”

  1. If you just get a bigger house and a bigger garden then there will be no excuse lizzy! You’d need a couple though so they didn’t get lonely! Who needs a house cow when you could have a house elephant?!! xx

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