Learning to massage, Sunday market and leaving Chiang Mai

On our last day in Chiang Mai, we did a 5-hour Thai massage course. It was very interesting, but rather tiring on the thumbs! So, we may offer free massages to friends & family 😀

Then we went on to the Chiang Mai Sunday night market, which is immense! We walked around it for about 2 hours (I stopped for a 30 min foot massage whilst Lizzy carried on shopping) and still we didn’t see half of it! It’s a shame we’re going to so many lovely markets, selling very nice things, but having to resist the urge to buy much since we have no space in our bags for it!

And then the next morning we got up early to leave Chiang Mai to get to Chiang Khong which is on the Thailand / Laos border…

Author: Alex

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One thought on “Learning to massage, Sunday market and leaving Chiang Mai”

  1. I’m just wondering whether I would trust you on my back or not?

    On a different note – Happy Birthday for tomorrow old man! Hope you have a great 30th birthday… I suspect it will be one you won’t forget!

    Take care guys – and keep the updates coming!

    G & B

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