Ko Samet: Sun, Sea, Sand and a bit of sick!

Got a speedboat to Ko Samet, a gorgeous island near to Bang Chang where we spent the weekend with James and Lucy, lounging on the beach, swimming in the beautiful water and eating and drinking lots whilst enjoying some fire-dancing 🙂 Unfortunately, Alex and I forgot to take our anti-malaria during the day and so took it several hours after eating…the results weren’t pleasant, but thankfully very short-lived!

Sai Kaew beach, Ko Samet Lizzy jumps for joy at Sai Kaew beach, Ko Samet

A reclining meal on Sai Kaew beach, Ko Samet Fire show at Ploy's, Sai Kaew beach, Ko Samet

3 thoughts on “Ko Samet: Sun, Sea, Sand and a bit of sick!”

  1. Hi guys, looks like you are having fun. I am visiting Koh Samet in Jan, staying at Samet sand sea on Sai Kaew Beach. Do you know if this is walkable from where we get of the ferry, the ferry is coming from Ban Phe.

    Also visiting Koh Chang and Cha-am, any tips appreciated?

    Good luck and enjoy the rest of your trip

    1. Yeah it’s about a 15 minute walk so should be fine…might be a bit further depending on where exactly on Sai Kaew it is. We’re planning on doing Ko Chang too but probably mid-end of December, it’s meant to be nicer than Samet so should be awesome!

      Enjoy the travels 🙂

      Alex & Lizzy

    2. Oooh, and Ploys on the beachfront in Sai Kaew does a fire show which is pretty good. Think it starts at about 8:30pm. A speedboat to the island costs 1000tbh (with some negotiation…our friends do it regularly so they just said they normally pay this much and we got it) so might be worth doing if you can share with a few others.

      Have a great time


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