Khao Sok: The jungle & cave of death!

Our tree house in Khao Sok
Lizzy swinging in the vines in Khao Sok jungle
Staying in a jungle tree house with all the bugs and bats in tow :-S – very thankful to have a mosquito net in the room!

Did a very cool trek to the jungle, having to cross a lake and wade &  swim through swampy waters before heading into a uber dark cave and towards an underground waterfall.

It was only after we’d come out of the cave that the guide told us that 6 people died two years ago doing the same thing when a flash flood hit and they drowned!!!! Would NOT have done the trip if we’d known that! Our guide apparently saved his tourists by turning back – he spotted leaves coming in with the water. A British woman was the only survivor in the other group, staying in pitch darkness for 20 hours before she was rescued! Our guide told us that the government park rangers put up warning signs the day after the incident and said that they’d always been there…
The entrance to Khao Sok cave

One thought on “Khao Sok: The jungle & cave of death!”

  1. Hello
    We miss you guys, didn’t get round to congratulating Lizzy on her job-sorry about that but well done! The cave trip sounds scary-well done for not dying. Trying to think of something exciting that we have done but struggling. Jim is revising all the time so I went and visited my family for the weekend. Emma and Gareth’s wedding was lovely, she looked amazing and their friends were very friendly-fortunate as we didn’t know anyone else there. Oh yeah and my new job in Long Eaton has been increased to 8 sessions (was 5) so gonna have to work a bit harder but at least dont have to stress about locumming.
    Try not to have too much fun without us. Take care
    Esther & Jim

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