Patong at night Phuket is pronounced “Poo-ket” not “Fook-it” – although the tourists seem to be doing alot of the latter with a good number of the locals judging from the number of ‘massage parlors’, ‘Go Go’ and ‘Ping Pong Shows’ that we’ve been invited too (we haven’t been to any, and please don’t ask us what they are!)

Sunset on Karon Beach, Phuket Anyway, the beaches are great (although I got assaulted by an evil fat jellyfish) & hostels – variable. First one we stayed in had a tap that sprayed water onto the floor every time you used it (Phil, no need to come out, we’ve left now 😉 ) and the glass didn’t fit the windows so they’d stuffed the cracks with (hopefuly clean) loo roll. We’ve since moved and are now in a cheaper (350 baht or £7/night for the room), cleaner and nicer room for the next 4 nights.

Sunset on Karon Beach, PhuketWe hired a moped (cheapest way to get around the island) yesterday and drove to some neighbouring beaches  which were very pretty (don’t worry parentals, we got helmets and drove very carefully…couldn’t drive fast coz we weighed it down too much, especially up the hills- ha ha!)

Started PADI Open Water SCUBA Diving course today which for me a refresher but for Alex is to get certified (as an open water diver, not as mentally ill… I confirmed the latter a long time ago). First ocean dives tomorrow at Ratcha Yai & Ratcha Noi islands where we will HOPEFULLY see Manta Rays and then on Wed we’ll hopefully see either Leopard or Whale Sharks!!! I’m SOOOOOO excited!! I’ll be gutted if we don’t see anything big!

One thought on “Phuket”

  1. mmmmmmm, lovely beaches of love :o) all sounds so amazing!
    can hire the husband out for a very reasonable price if you’re interested?! (plumbing – of the non-human kind only ;o) although if you do need the other kind I also come at a very reasonable price!!)
    Hope u get to see your big scary water creatures that your longing to encounter whilst diving! Alex, r u quite as enthusistic as your insane-in-the-membrance wife about this?!
    love u loads

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