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I’ve been collecting spam sent to my various email addresses for just over 5 years now (since 1/1/2004). I thought it was about time I shared the statistics with the world!

Year Spam count Spam per day Total spam size Avg spam size
2004 11,623 32 53M 4.6kB
2005 8,642 24 75M 8.7kB
2006 7,771 21 60M 7.7kB
2007 21,291 58 161MB 7.6kB
2008 62,268 170 455MB 7.3kB
2009 to date 1,850 119 13MB 7.0kB

So spam size hasn’t changed much since 2005, but the quantity triples annually from 2006 to 2008, but the rate is down in 2009 so far. Either way: guess there’s no stopping the spam machine!

You can see a sort-of-up-to-date count here:

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