Ubuntu + Windows @ work

After playing around with Ubuntu as per my previous post, I stumbled upon synergy and have had a revelation! It allows you to share your mouse and keyboard from one computer with another (in my case my work desktop and laptop). It’s not like the hard switches you can get because you just move your mouse across from one screen to the other. It’s not like just having a second monitor because you can run it on different operating systems AND you get the processing power of both machines (although not shared between them). So I’m running Ubuntu* on my laptop and Windows on my desktop and even though my Windows machine takes 15 mins to boot up, I can use its keyboard and mouse to control my laptop as it does so.

Pure awesomness 🙂

* – BTW you have to run synergy as root on the Ubuntu 8.04 because of this bug in the kernel setup.

P.S. This is my 400th post on my blog… I know that’s not reflected in the number in the URL, but I guess I deleted a few along the way. Woo! I should look though, I reckon only 10 were in the last 2 years or something 🙂

[Update: By the way, when the IT director found out I was running Linux, he insisted I take it off entirely, so I’m now back to Windows + Windows. He said it was an “unwarranted security breach”… which I didn’t quite understand, but I’m not really in a position to argue.]

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