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Well, I had an interview just before we went away to Turkey.  Took me about 3 days to prepare for it as I had to do a presentation on something I’d never heard of before so I arranged a meeting with a guy at Uni of Notts, got some good info and prepared and revised away.  The interview went really well and I got some really positive feedback on my presentation.

Then in the airport waiting to come back from holiday I got a message saying that I’d not got the job.  They gave it to an internal candidate who had registered his interest after the stated deadline.  Gutted.

So I’m back to the soul-destroying task of searching for a job… most of today has been spent looking through about 1000 jobs, filtering them down to 10 possibilities and then trying to contact people about them – lots of phone calls getting me not very far.  Ah well, Monday’s a new day and there’ll be another 200 jobs to look through no doubt.

Photos & maybe a blog from Turkey to come soon…

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  1. It is indeed a most frustrating period – I know all too well :/ Keep going though and keep the faith. You’ll find something soon enough. How is your start to the season.

    We are top of the league, say we are top of the league!!!

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