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OK, lots of people asking, so I thought I might post to let people know my thoughts after quitting my job.

So, I see there are a variety of options open to me, some more attractive than others…

  • Stay in teaching, but teach at a different school – ruled out – want a proper change
  • Go into IT training type stuff – ruled out – not different enough
  • Go into generic IT job – possibility, but not likely – not really wanting to do coding / testing etc
  • Train to be a project manager – possibly – expensive to train, better to do the next option
  • Project co-ordination – one step down from project management so would offer a route in
  • Do something to do with energy efficiency / environmental friendliness – as this seems to be one of the big issues facing society today, I think I might see what I can do to help!  Dunno what this would look like, but am doing some research…
  • Something else altogether – I’m so undecided!

Feel free to offer your input 🙂

Author: Alex

I am X3JA

One thought on “Re: Quitting”

  1. Have you considered playing for Forest? They’re not doing that well any more. I’m sure if you pop down Lenton Park for a kick about 2 times a week you’ll be scouted.

    That’s my plan anyway, when I grow up, I’m going to play professional football for Manchester United, AC Milan and then, last but not least, Coventry City. Here, the Sky Blues will regain their honour in playing top-flight football and returning the Football Association Challenge Cup to the heart of the Midlands.

    In the mean time I’m gaining invaluable experience managing a HT team.

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