Yes, I’ve quit my job. Scary considering I don’t have anything else lined up, but exciting cos I might get to do something I enjoy more! I don’t finish until the end of August, so no panic stations yet – got 5 months to sort stuff out. Just thought my avid blog readers would want to know… are there any of you left?

Author: Alex

I am X3JA

4 thoughts on “Quitting”

  1. Nope. No-one here at all.

    Why’d you quit, and what ideas do you have for more exciting stuff?

  2. Yep… nobody here at all.

    Well… apart from a few sad people who check up on you every now and again. And when you do go round quitting jobs, it’s a good job we have this to keep up with you.

  3. Good move Alex! Keep me posted.
    I’ll be monitoring your next move closely.

    JMC x

    p.s. if you get bored after quitting start baking cakes. thats what i did 😛

  4. jah, definitely no one here.
    greetings from upd!
    you can come here, bring ur new toy, and charge us for every testing 😀
    hey keep us posted!

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