New toy

Yes, 3 posts in one day – it’s weird!

I got a new toy!  It’s one of those power meter plugs – shows me Volts, Amps, Watts, Hz and can track kWH too… neat.

So far I have found out…

My mobile phone charger doesn’t register – must be below 0.01W I think.
My laptop charger uses 0.01W when not plugged into laptop and 28W when plugged in
The telly uses about 52W when turned on.
My amp & Toppy both use 5W* on standby and 23W when turned on.

What shall I test next? 😀

I think that 10W for my TV stuff (toppy, DVD, amp, telly) isn’t too bad for a standby rating…

<small>* – 5W is assumed as they used 10W together on standby. </small>

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