100% cheese

No, I’m not talking about cheesy music…

Following on from the last post, I realised there’s an advert on telly that uses a percentage that annoys me.  “Cheese strings: 100% cheese”.  Well that’s great, but it kind of suggests a couple of things:

  1. That it being 100% cheese is a good thing, in other words – cheese is good for you.  Whilst cheese is tasty and full of calcium, it’s not particularly healthy in terms of fat content (having said that kids probably need more calcium rather than less fat).
  2. That cheese is a natural product and doesn’t have anything bad in it.  The cheese they use for those strings is probably full of additives and unnatural ingredients – but it’s still cheese 🙂

“Marketing for stupid people” is how my wife puts it.  Just annoys me a bit.

More annoyances another day.

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