Kitchen pt 2

Well the kitchen is coming along with all the main units in now… but it has not come without incident. These things never go to plan.

The plan was:

  • Friday daytime – carpenter comes & cuts/joins/fits worksurface
  • Friday evening – plumber friend (if you need a plumber in Nottingham, ask me, he’s good)
  • Saturday daytime – electrician comes to fit new fuse box & test circuits.

The way it actually turned out was:

  • Friday daytime – keep getting calls from carpenter saying he’ll get later & later.
  • Friday evening – plumber friend comes & sorts out some radiators.
  • Friday later evening – carpenter turns up to suss out job.
  • Friday even later evening/night (about 12.30am) plumber leaves having failed to get new radiator to work.
  • Saturday morning – plumber, electrician & carpenter all turn up and try to work around each other.

So you can see that today wasn’t the simplest day in my life… just add into that the fact that we had to change our plans for the worktop whilst Lizzy was in Kettering*… AND the fact the carpenter had his shed broken into in the night and had some bits stolen he needed for the job. We came to some arrangements and finally managed to get going with everything about midday. Then of course the electrician wanted to put the power off to change the fuse board but the carpenter needed it for his tools, plus the plumber wanted to have the heating on, which takes electricity… you can see the balancing act I was trapped in. Then there was the fact we needed to replace a cable to the shower… or not in the end. It was all rather mad.

Plumber had trouble sorting system out and drained & flushed it several times to no real avail. In the end Lizzy had to clear a room upstairs so he could cut some floorboards up… which he did and then the system started working magically again (without him touching anything).

Electrician had me chasing around looking for what wires connected up to what bits and we finally figured out that there was a dedicated circuit in the hallway just for one socket.

Sparky left about 5ish, carpenter about 6ish, plumber about 7ish. What a day for tradesmen!

I’ve just fitted the taps to the sink and found out the pipe for the cold doesn’t quite reach, but it’s looking pretty good.  I’ll put some photos up once I have my desktop back up & running (something’s blown in it during today – either fuse in plug of PSU 🙁 )

Moving along… slowly…

* – we’re now having upstand instead of just tiles to allow the worktop to be mounted away from the wall to make sufficient overhang at the front of cabinets (Ikea cabinets are slightly deeper than standard).

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