Kitchen pt I

Well we’re redoing the kitchen over the summer – feel free to track the progress here. So far we’ve encountered a few issues:

  • You’re not really allowed to electrical work yourself anymore* (in kitchens especially) so we were going to get a sparky in to do it which lead to the discovery of the following problem…
  • Our fuse box is wired up wrong & is possibly not safe, so some sparkies won’t touch electrics in the house as it is. So we need a new one.
  • Ikea have 3 different types of warehouses – Self-service, full-service and then mysterious ones that you can only get stuff delivered from. A shame that all our door fronts & matching accessories have to come from the third type. The stuff coming from the first 2 types arrived today, so we can do a lot of the work already, the rest will arrive in 2 weeks.
  • Our plumbing setup was altered by the extension being done (of course) and it took us a good couple of hours, a circular saw, several cut floorboards and 3 lots of carpet pulled up to figure out how it all worked.

Anyway, we do seem to be making progress, so here goes!

* – although we do seem to have found a compromise on this… I think it’s legal :S

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One thought on “Kitchen pt I”

  1. I think I’ve actually seen the refurbed kitchen in person and can testify it is a good job. Well done you Walkers 😉

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