Oh just Flock off!

Flock — The web browser for you and your friends

Well I figured I should do a linky-type thing here since I’ve started using it.

Cool points:

  • It acts as an interface to your blog, your favourites list, your photo store
  • It’s like Firefox only a little shinier

Not-so-cool points:

  • I don’t like the favourites management (specifically not being allowed sub-folders)
  • I can’t figure out how the favourites sharing thingy works, also doesn’t seem to share RSS feeds 🙁 [UPDATE: I’ve got it now, go into properties on the favourite and you can share it, seems to update pretty quickly.  Still no RSS I think.)
  • The photo store thing doesn’t support gallery
  • No foxtrick-equivalent plugin [CORRECTION: Found it here, using the Flock’d plugin]

So it’s got the potential to be really good, but it’s a bit lacking as yet. Still, I’m using it for novelty value.

Author: Alex

I am X3JA

One thought on “Oh just Flock off!”

  1. Oh, and another annoying thing – when you click the back button, you can’t get a long list of the last 20 sites you’ve been to or whatever – it just allows you to go back one site at a time… miss that feature.

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