Marriage pt 1

Well, here I am, about 7 hours before my wedding starts and I’m just trying to write my speech for the reception! So instead I thought I’d write myself a blog entry…

So yeah, I’m getting married – it’s been a stressful few weeks, especially the past 2 days, but the end is in sight. Lizzy and I agree that we’re looking forward to it being over – not that we won’t enjoy the day, but it’ll be good to have the burden lifted of all the arrangements and practicalities lifted. But this time tomorrow it will all be over… so now it’s time to get on the roller-coaster that will be today and enjoy the ride! WHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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  1. Remember the wedding’s primarily for the benefit of other people – you’ve got the rest of your lives to enjoy being married. So just grin, sit back and relax and look forward to your honeymoon…

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