GI Endoscopy

No, it’s not the name of an american soldier, it’s what I had done to me last night.

A GI endoscopy or a gastroscopy is where they shove a camera down into your stomach to see what they can see. The one I had also involved having a few biopsies taken (little samples of tissue from inside your stomach). It was a very weird experience, especially since I opted for the non-sedated option. When you’re sedated you don’t remember what’s happened really, but are just awake enough to comply with what they ask you to do. I was, however, just given a little local anasthetic throat spray and told to swallow the big tube. I reckon it must have been around 8mm in diameter and had lots of flashing lights and stuff in it (looked nice and gadget-like!).

Anyway, fighting the temptation to panic and gag was the main activity that occupied me for the 2-3 mins that I was impaled on the thing.

The long and the short of it is that they didn’t spot anything to be concerned with but we’ll get the biopsies back in a week or so, so we’ll know more then.

That is all. Blog again in another few months – prolly after getting married!

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  1. wow mate, my dad had one of them and said it was hard man, i hope your ok, will be praying for ya…

    tell me next time your going in for an invasive procedure ay..

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