Strange urges

Last night I had a couple of strange urges whilst driving home at about 11.30pm. I was being followed by a police car that had pulled out of a side road. Interestingly he had one headlight not working, not that that’s relevant really, but it did slightly surprise me… isn’t that illegal? Anyway, I was driving down a dodgy road in Nottingham (Forest Road, where they have signs saying “21 curb crawlers caught here this month”, so you can imagine what kind of area it is). I had two opposing urges that came over me:

  1. To drive really slowly and be stopped for suspected curb-crawling. I guess this would be a good story to tell, especially since I have a wedding coming up to be humiliated in :D. I think it was also partly related to the fact that the police car had a dodgy light and I was going to come up with something like “Well, I had to drive slowly because your one working headlight was rather bright in my rear view mirror”. Hmm, when did I get so provocative?
  2. To change down a gear, floor the accellerator and accellerate away from the police car. I think I’ve watched too many films! Also I was interested to see if they thought it was a bad enough offense to bother stopping me. Weird eh?

So, thought you’d like to know. Any more insights into why I did those, please do comment.

Oh, and just to clarify, I wasn’t curb crawling, that’s just the quickest route home.

Author: Alex

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4 thoughts on “Strange urges”

  1. “But Officer, every schoolboy knows the shortest route between two points is via the thighs of a mid-thrties hooker”

  2. So what did you do, did I miss something? Personally, I would have been tempted to pull over.. then get out of the car and taken a leak just to see the guys reaction. I also have strange urges on occasion. You know all about them, but it would not be appropriate to share them here (just to reassure you).

  3. I get the urge for a Whopper. I head to Burger King.

    I was quite scared to find this site, being an Alex Walker doing a BSc in Computing Science at Glasgow University.

    But I can’t drive. Who needs to in the centre of Glasgow?

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