As very clearly pointed out by my lovely fiancée, the last entry was not the most interesting ever. I would like to fully retract that title and hereby issue a full apology to all those offended by it – it was a rash decision and I regret it completely. I wish I had entitled it “You probably won’t find this very interesting”.

This, of course, is the most interesting and exciting blog entry ever! It’s probably the most interesting and exciting experience of my life too. Less than 6 months to go til the big day now!

I hope that sorts things out.

Author: Alex

I am X3JA

4 thoughts on “Correction”

  1. Well, I guess you’re forgiven then! I’ll get those valentines pressi’s out of the bin! I also would like to issue a full apology for any damages done to the afore mentioned articles, I also regret my actions completly xx;-)

  2. So this is how you 2 are communicating now is it? Was that recommended in marriage prep?

    I can read your blog in Australia! technology eh, amazing

  3. There is still time guys, you can back out when your ready… Even when your stood there Al, you can leg it… As long as you run fast enough. Oh and Lizzy, if you get fed up with him, i`ve got lots of single friends over here in Manchester… Hey yeah that’s a good idea….. hold on let me think!!!

    Yep just as I thought, I really feel God is “CALLING” you to the sunny city of Manchester… I saw a picture of you two with a picnic in the sun on our local park…. MMM more like a dream than a prophecy, there’s never sun in Manchester 🙂

  4. Hey mate, i was just looking at the pictures on your web from my wedding.. Mate how did you manage to pull such a fake smile for so ling, every picture looks like you have tape holding up your grid… I hope you manage to create a more natural look for your wedding; you have 6 months get in practice boy…

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