Taste sensation?

Hrm, blogging a lot in the past few days, aren’t I?

Anyway, I’ve just tried a self-created concoction… and here’s how it came about:
I wanted lunch
I wanted bagels for lunch (cinamon & raisin)
My (lovely) fiancée thinks I should eat more fruit & veg
I wondered how I might combine bagels & fruit
So I tried it…
I toasted the cinamon & raisin bagels
I buttered them
I put raspberry jam on 2 halves
then, the piece de la resistance… I put sliced banana on the other half!

It was jolly nice, although I think a combination of the jam AND the banana would have led to an even more pleasurable experience.

Oh, I did some more work today too. And I still need more ideas on my last entry on how to unechoify my office.

On top of that I’ve enable full RSS feeds now, so those of you that read this through planet.hashnott.org.uk can hopefully see the full thing without ever having to soil my real website with your dirty web browsers.

Thanks. That is all.

Author: Alex

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4 thoughts on “Taste sensation?”

  1. I once did something similar.
    I liked tuna sandwiches.
    I thought I should eat more fruit & veg.
    I had a spare banana….

    ….so I tried a tuna & banana sandwich…..

    It wasn’t nice.

  2. My thoughts precisely. Where did we go wrong.
    Anyway, bananas ONLY JUST count as fruit. Get apples, grapes, melon, raspberries (lovely crushed in a bagel – with banana – and you can get them frozen or tinned). You’re not a poor student now. there’s good pears around now.

  3. Well it could have been valid, because I might have had 1 and a half bagels. In reality, I had 2 bagels – 2 halves with jam, 2 halves with banana… so I didn’t write it properly, sorry.

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