And then there was… no stuff.

Well today and yesterday I’ve been doing a lot of sorting (with a considerable amount of help from my lovely fiancée). I’ve chucked a load of junk from my bedroom and my office. This has resulted in 2 bin bags of rubbish getting thrown out.

Another interesting consequence has been that my office is now all echoey (if that is a word). So now when I type on my keyboard it sounds like I’m in a small cave. I guess that could be cool sometimes, but for now I’m looking for good suggestions on how to fix it. So far there are two:

  1. Get more clutter (thanks jimbo)
  2. Carpet the walls (thanks me!)
  3. Eggboxes/polystyrene on the walls (thanks jimbo)
  4. Get a thick rug. Not sure that’d work as there’s really NO floor space. (thanks all the same trj)
  5. Put a mattress on the desk/bed thing. Loses a lot of storage space. (thanks MaW)
  6. Wrap myself in carpet/eggboxes/polystyrene/rugs. I like that one! (thanks Mike)

[Updated 7/1/05 12:10]

Please add any suggestions you have to remedy this below…

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6 thoughts on “And then there was… no stuff.”

  1. Instead of carpet, you could try eggboxes, or polystyrene tiles. I think accumulating clutter is easiest, though; at least, I seem pretty good at it… 🙂

  2. Get a thick rug.

    Hang something material like thick curtains or a patterned piece of cloth on the wall.

  3. Put a mattress on your desk/bed thing. That’ll absorb a lot of excess sound, although it does get rid of a lot of storage space.

    Try draping some curtains around the sides of it.

  4. Stop being so bloody picky that’s what I say good grief young people eh you and your music.

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