Another new thing?

Maybe another new thing I should do is write more blog entries. Maybe the only reason that I am writing a bit more at the moment is because I’m not at work…

Anyway, I just completed Half-Life 2 and OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME! It is such a good game. Loving it big time. Some amazing scenes, lots of different feels. As I said to Chris, “that’s what’s so good about HL1 and HL2- they make you feel like you have choice, when you don’t really”. It’s really immersive, with characters so well animated that you like them, hate them, feel you know them. I know that all sounds really geeky and like I played it for too long in a row, but you should play it and see if you don’t feel the same. Yes, that’s a challenge. So go play it!

Oh and to clarify: the prisons resolution was a dare/challenge thing set by my friend Hannah, who’s a probation officer… so I guess that’s why she wanted me to do it. Lizzy has to get arrested and become Hannah’s client… Hee hee!

Ta ta for now.

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  1. I agree. You have far too much time on your hands. But good on you. Fitting the completion of HL2 into your school hoildays is no mean feat. Keep up the good work.

    Also, I hope you get arrested too. See who visits you then big boy!

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