Oops I did it again and again

Well I’m convinced I wrote a blog entry not that long ago, but I must have got interrupted mid-stream and now have no evidence that it ever existed. I remember it clearly – it was full of wit and charm, mystery and intrigue, carefully laid out plot, meticulously constructed phrases… Ah well, you’ll have to make up with my usual style now instead…

So, I turned 25 last month, which, by all accounts, was rather painless. Had a meal out with Lizzy and a meal in with Jim & Rob.

Have finished school now until 10th January, so that’s a nice long break, although I do have some marking & reports to do.

I’ve just dropped Lizzy off at the station to head back to Norwich for Christmas. “Our first Christmas together, but our last Christmas apart”… thought that was quite poetic.

Erm, this is an entry of very short paragraphs, isn’t it?

So, yes, I’m at home now, re-installing my mum’s computer. Had it running Ubuntu‘s live CD yesterday, which impressively dealt with some of the rather dated hardware on this machine. Think I might install Ubuntu on my school laptop and play with interaction with the Windows 2003 network there…

Erm, that’ll do. I’m not in a very interesting mood.

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