No news is good news

Things are plodding along nicely – school’s going pretty well, although the early mornings are not nice. Wonder how long it’ll take me to adapt to them? I don’t feel like I’ll ever get used to it.

Had a couple of days off last week because I was ill, but it’s nice to know you’re being paid even though you’re not actually working.

Got 7 teaching days left before half term, but I’m missing 1.5 of them to go on courses – so that’s a mere 5.5 teaching days. Having said that tonight I have a prospective parents’ evening until quite late and then there’s a parents’ evening for year 11 next week… although I don’t think I’ll get that many parents interested to see me as we only do a short course GCSE, which is probably way down the list of priorities. Ah well, could be a quiet night.

Lizzy and I are currently looking at honeymoon destinations for next year, so feel free to give any hints, comments, personal experiences and the like. We have lots of ideas, but the most likely one is to spend a week in a private villa (with pool) and then a week in a hotel probably all in the Med region, but in countries we’ve not been to properly before.

Rob’s birthday this weekend… so an advanced HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him, although I doubt very much he’ll read this.

Right, time to be off to school…

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  1. When I first read Joe’s comment I thought he was calling you names – as your BIG sister I was about to leap to your defence (and undoubtedly bear a grudge for years)! On another note: if I’m anything to go by then you probably won’t get used to early mornings. I’ve been a 9-5er for over a year now and it just seems to get harder and harder to get up in the morning! This morning, after my alarm went off, I actually dreamt that I got up, had a shower and made my breakfast… Then I woke up and it was 8.55 and I had to be at work at 9.30! Amazingly I got there at 9.28!

  2. Well done Sis! Nothing changes does it? I remember the days of getting the bus to school… up at 7.27, out the door at 7.34 and on the bus at 7.36, still munching your toast 😀

    Having said that, I used to find those mornings quite easy… so I guess some things do change.

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