Have fun Mum & Dad!

Spoke to my mum last night and she mentioned (without nagging, thanks mum) that I hadn’t written in here for ages. Since my parents are off on holiday today, I thought it’d be nice to wish them a good time. Now we’ll see if my mum checks today…

In other news, I found my wallet that I lost over a month ago, so I now don’t have to go through with replacing my driving license, NI card etc. That was a nice surprise this morning.

School is alright, first parents’ evening tonight.
Everything else is good.

Author: Alex

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6 thoughts on “Have fun Mum & Dad!”

  1. You found your wallet? So all that aggro was for
    nothing? May we know where?
    OF COURSE I CHECKED!!!!! Even though I have now packed up all my office into crates ready for moving and am now going on holiday!

  2. D’oh! I really am so like Mum. Before I even read her comment I thought “I wonder where he found it”! Still, there are worse people I could be like!

  3. It was under the passenger seat in my car. I guess the reason I didn’t spot it earlier was that I don’t often get in the passenger side.

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