Quickie – miss me?

Very quick entry as I have a busy weekend ahead of me…

Since V-Festival, I’ve spent 10 days in school – starting with a very casual induction day for new teachers, 2 training days and 7 days of REAL teaching. The school is great – at least in terms of the staff morale, support and the like. The facilities are good too, but not perfect. And the kids… well… they’re kids.

And that’s about my life for the past 2 weeks! Teaching is better than I expected, so that’s nice. It’s very tiring though, but that’s mainly just the early mornings and my not being used to them.

Anyway, thought it was about time that I had a new entry…

Author: Alex

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2 thoughts on “Quickie – miss me?”

  1. Great to see an update! See, I didn’t nag! And I’m first againI There’s something cahnged here – the box on the screen is covering part of this so I don’t know what the end of the first line says. I know that is a very technical explanation of what I see on my screen, but what have you done?

  2. Thanks for not nagging 😀

    I haven’t changed anything on here in quite some time… and it all looks fine here to me… sorry, sounds like a problem your end…

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