Blog more?

Well yes, I should write in my blog more – who shouldn’t?

Question is – will Grant or my mum be the first to notice that I’ve blogged?

Anyway, just to briefly bring you up to speed…

Having bought her a ring, I left Lizzy in Norwich and went to my parents’ house in Kent for a week, with Lizzy joining me a couple of days into my stay. We met up with (in alphabetical order) Ash, James, Karen, Liz, Max, Oli… I think that’s it. We also visited Becky & Keith, some of Lizzy’s friends and met up with Grant & Becca for a meal. We also had a lovely chinese meal out with my parents and a couple of meals in.

From Kent we went to the peaks to stay in a B&B for a couple of nights – was a lovely place and was good value. Had some good “quality time” just the two of us. Walked a bit, drove a bit, did various bits. We ate out a whopping 8 times in 5 days I think! Came back to Nottingham last Monday… wow, was that really over a week ago? My my, how time flies when you’re quite busy.

We came back and I engaged in tidying up the house and doing bits of DIY. Then Lizzy’s parents visited for a short while (just a few hours) and took us out for a meal having inspected the house 😀

Saturday was party at Lizzy’s, so I met LOADS of her friends. Sunday some of those friends came here for lunch. Sunday later arvo we watched The Wedding Singer, which is still strikingly funny after many times of watching. Then church in the evening.

Today Oli turned up (yes, it was planned) and he’s here til Weds I think. Then Friday we’re off to V-Festival until Monday… then a few days of preparation before I START MY FIRST TEACHING JOB! AAAAAARGH! Calm down Alex… calm down…

Photos of all the jollies will appear on my gallery at some point soon (when I get my hands on Lizzy’s camera).

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10 thoughts on “Blog more?”

  1. Well, I’m disappointed that Grant hasn’t commented yet – maybe he’s not at work, so he’s not got loads of time to spare.

  2. How right you are! I’ve been off work for the day, so I haven’t been as regular as normal! And yes… you were correct… it was definitely time for an update!

  3. I haven’t been regular for quite a while. I think that’s because of all the cheese I’ve been eating.

  4. We’re going to the V festival in Chelmsford. Think you were going to Stratford so don’t guess I’ll see you guys. AHHHHHHHHHh boo!!!!!!! But soon we will I’m sure. Lots of love xxxxxxx

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