Well, it’s happened. I’m engaged. I proposed to Lizzy a little after midnight tonight, the 30th July. Now that’s a significant date for us, as it’s the date we’re getting married next year (2005). Yes, I know it sounds like we’ve arranged that pretty fast, but to be honest with you, we’ve been planning it for a few weeks now, so tonight was the night where we go “official” and “public” on it.

So, I’m sure you’re all gagging to hear how it happened, aren’t you? Well, when you’re sitting comfortably, I shall begin…

Well, on Tuesday evening, after having arrived at Lizzy’s parents in Norwich, I asked her dad for his permission to ask Lizzy to marry me. He said yes and shared a few manly hints & tips. It was decided that that in itself was worth going out to celebrate, so we decided to go out, as a family (plus me), for a meal on Thursday night (i.e. last night). So we went out for a meal with Lizzy’s mum & dad and brother to a lovely place that served huuuge portions. YUM!

So, once the meal was done (about 10.30) Lizzy & I headed off to the beach to have a romantic stroll & chat, arriving about 11.00. (It was meant to be star-gazing too, but it was all cloudy, but we did do a little star-spotting, which isn’t so much fun.) We sat on a bench down by the sea and chatted and stuff for about 40 minutes, with me all the time trying to be calm and wait for midnight to come, so it’d be exactly a year until we got married. Then the rain came 🙁 Not very hard, mind you, just a bit of spitting. It was enough, however, to put us off sitting still there for too long, so we meandered back to the car at the top of the cliff, whilst I silently prayed for the rain to stop. (No really, I did).

Anyway, we got back to the car and I drove it to a car park that overlooked the sea… and this is where the story goes a little… surreal… or Lizzy-esque. As we pulled into the car park, there was one other car in there with a guy sat in it with the engine running. Lizzy, as any normal human would think, thought he was committing suicide by pumping his exhaust fumes into his car so he’d die from carbon monoxide poisoning. Obvious eh? No other possible conclusion for a mental health nurse to draw. So it was decided we’d get out of the car and walk past his car to check he wasn’t dead. (Just the romantic feel I was aiming for) We did so, and he seemed OK, so we walked to a bench on the cliff top, still in view of his car and sat there as Lizzy continued to worry.

Then a guy with a torch came out of a house nearby, and Lizzy again, perfectly rationally, suggested that maybe a drug deal was going down. I asked if she wanted to call the police, but I think she wasn’t serious about that.

Anyway, a few minutes later, the suicidal guy drove off and the drug dealer walked past us with his dog and back to his house.

Once that rather “normal” (in Lizzy’s world) episode had occurred, midnight was upon us. This is where I didn’t really know how I was going to lead into proposing. Fortunately Lizzy fed me a great line (which she didn’t realise was a good line as she hadn’t realised the whole date thing until this point). I looked at my watch and she asked what the time was, and I said that it was just gone midnight. Then she asked what the date was today. (What a line to lead on from eh?). So I said that it was the 30th July and that a year today we’d be getting married and so I should…

I got down on one knee in front of the bench she was sat on and pulled the ring box out of my pocket. I gave a little speech about me not being her first love (that’s God) but that I’d like to be her second… that I’d love her forever… Then I asked her to marry me. She said “of course”. Then I got the ring out, explained the significance of it – it was the temporary ring my dad got my mum when they first got engaged before they got a real ring – like it will be for Lizzy – and placed it on her finger.

Kissing, hugging, praying and a little crying (yes me, not her) ensued. Then she made me do a re-enactment of it, just so she could re-live the romance of it.

Sat and chatted for a while longer, checking no more suicide cases came to top themselves there that night, and then headed to the car so Lizzy could get a look at the ring (it was a bit dark outside). Then it was home to Lizzy’s parents, a frenzy of texts and now a blog entry. And here we are… engaged. WOO!

All congratulations in a comment below… thanks!

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  1. FIRST COMMENT (I think). What a good proposal, romantic and sort of Adrian Plass-esque. Congratulations to the both of you, this is the start of a big big adventure 🙂

  2. Congrats! But man, where do you live that the most likely two things someone sat in a car can be doing are committing suicide and dealing drugs? 🙂

  3. Woooooo! Congratulations mate 🙂 I wish you a very happy future together and can’t wait for the wedding. God Bless!

  4. Congrats again!!! and by the way your text woke me up at 2 in the morning, but when I read it I thought it was worth it!

  5. congratulations, it’s great news. i’m sure you’ll make each other really happy. you do realise though that if there is only a year to go you had better start booking things pretty sharpish.

  6. HOW ROMANTIC!!!!! Congratulations to the both of you. I can’t wait to meet Lizzy now. Hurry up and bring her home! xx

  7. Congrats and love to you both. I like the Lizzy-esque bits and don’t think them at all odd: yesterday as I was driving to Dartford I saw two blokes pass each other and I am sure they did a drug handover as they passed…. All in a day’s work, eh Lizzy?

  8. Fantastic stuff! Although I got to your blog later than other people for once! Many, many congrats!!!!

  9. I’m glad I was sitting “confortably” for that 🙂 Seriously though, congratulations. May you and Lizzy both be very happy for many years to come.

    I will, of course, be expecting an invite… 🙂

  10. Madness! So happy for u guys. The account left me a bit teary as I read it at work-pretended had something in my eye! You are now a grownup Alex!! Argh! Congrats and good luck. ktx

  11. We actually had the church & reception venue booked by the time we actually got engaged, since it is a summer wedding and all! Managed to keep that quiet from most people though 🙂

  12. It’s OK, we have a guest list already, and you are on it… so get the date in your diary.

  13. Hmm, that’s a trackback, dunno why it doesn’t display like that… maybe WP doesn’t distinguish…

  14. Congratulations mate and what a romantic way to do it as well (better than on a gondola in Venice! Liz). Send Lizzy all our best as well, and to re-iterate Karen, you must bring her down so we can meet her.
    Lots of Love, Max & Liz

  15. woohooo, so enjoyed reading this, thats great Al, congrats to you both!!! Sorry this congrats a bit late, been out the country…

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