People complain when I don’t write in my blog. Not many of them, but they do… Thanks Grant πŸ˜‰

Anyway, where do I start? Holiday…
Holiday was absolutely fantastic. Lots of sun, sleep, sand and supper (well, nice food, but that doesn’t start with s). We chilled out lots on the beach, by the pool and driving around in a left hand drive car (scary). We got lost a couple of times (once down a 45 minute single-track road… had to come all the way back). It was all good. Photos will appear here when I get a chance to get them off Lizzy’s camera.

Then I went to Norwich with Lizzy to meet her parents (scary-ish), her brother and some of her friends. They were all lovely – she seems to have good taste – she does like me after all!

My new car is lovely to drive – it’s done 500 miles so far on the first tank of diesel… nice eh? πŸ™‚

Erm, what else? Oh, been into school to look around and get used to being there. Done a bit of work for preparation for next year, plenty more to go. Tis good if a little scary.

Lots of scary stuff recently it sounds like, but it’s all good really, no complaints here.

Next on the list of things for the summer is redecorating the lounge, kitchen and hall/stairway/landing… picking colours and stuff.


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