MENORCA and more goodness

Well, today has been an eventful day…
It started early… about 7am because I couldn’t sleep. I was like a little kid at Christmas, it took me ages to get to sleep and then I woke up far too early to be useful and couldn’t get to sleep again.
Now, you might ask what I was excited about, well… today was the day I was supposed to get my new (to me) car. It was also the day I was supposed to get my insurance certificate for said car. Only one of those happened. Fortunately it was the more exciting of the two things – my car arrived! YAY! About 11am it turned up and I checked it over and paid for it and all. So that was nice.
What wasn’t so nice was that I didn’t get my insurance certificate in the post from Direct Line, so I couldn’t tax the car. But, as it turned out, that didn’t matter, since the certificate would have had the wrong registration number on it anyway. The company had told me AL02 DYT, whereas it is really AY02 DYT, so I wouldn’t have been able to tax it anyway.
So I have my car, but it’s untaxed at the mo, so of course I haven’t been for a drive in it yet… honest.
Anyway, this is meant to be a short entry to say goodbye for a week or so… I’m off to Menorca!
Yes, Lizzy and I are off in the early hours of the morning to go spend a week in Menorca, staying with some family friends and spending a couple of days with my parents who are already out there. Lots of sun, sand and sun.
Best get some sleep I suppose… night night and goodbye!

Author: Alex

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