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Well, officially today I ceased to be a student, and I even had to start paying council tax… humph 🙁 Anyway, YAY! It’s all over. Oh, and yes, I passed.

Also today I went to the doctor to find out more about my “gastritis”, since it flared up again on Friday night. It turns out it could be one or both of 2 things:
Helicobacter pylori (thanks to Google for the spelling) which is a bacteria which in most people is harmless, but amongst some it causes stomach upsets, including gastritis.
What it could also be, and the doctor think this is more likely, is acid reflux. This is where there’s something wrong with the top end of the stomach (around the diaphragm) which allows acid to get back into the oesophagus. Hence the feelings of nausea etc etc.

So it’s good to be on the way to figuring out what’s wrong. Helicobacter pylori can be got rid of by antibiotics, but might take a while to see the results. The other isn’t so easy to sort and might be permanent 🙁 Either way, another month (at least) without alcohol, spicy food or caffeine… ah well, there must be some other joys in life. Oh, and no fatty foods late at night. So there goes my last bit of pleasure 😉

Anyway, I’m sure you wanted that much detail 😀

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