Two bits of news on the car front:

Firstly, I’m getting my “uninsured losses” money back – i.e. the money I spent on the hire car after my accident, and potentially a bit more. That’s £700 at least… would be nice if they give me lots for loss of use! maybe a few thousand pounds 😀

Secondly, and even more excitingly, I have ordered a car! Yes, a mere 6 months and 5 days after my accident, I’m finally getting a new car! It’s probably going to be another 2 weeks until I get it, but here’s the spec:
2002(02) registration Ford Focus 1.8 TDi CL, Dark Green, 55k miles
(yes, that’s quite a lot of miles, but I had to go higher on that to get the newer model)
Can’t wait to have it… want to go join the cool boys racing round the Broadmarsh – I’ll easily beat them in that! YES! Hehe… a Nottingham joke that one, sorry for those that won’t understand – it’s your fault for not living in Nottingham (“The world’s best city”, according to our local radio station!).

Anyway, off work again today, cos feeling BLEURGH once more, also means delaying arrival at Crossfire – probably going across tomorrow morning now. Rob’s kindly giving me a lift, what a star.

Author: Alex

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