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My new measure of greatness is how many of the top 250 IMDb films you have seen. I make it to an average 87 out of 250. I get 45 out of the top 100, which is more impressive. Also, if you feel like it, you can rate yourself on the bad ones too – I get 15 out of 100 on the bottom 100. Leave me a comment with your ratings…

I propose we call this the C:FIS (Coolness: Films I’ve Seen) rating.

Author: Alex

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19 thoughts on “Rate yourself”

  1. Heya,

    Got 45/100 and 97/250. And at least 23 of the worst 100, tho I may have seen more and can’t remember their names..

  2. 38/100 – really need to watch the Godfather trilogy.

    86/250 – not convinced by this list, I think Return of the Jedi is the best of the trilogy.

    28 of bottom 100 – The Police Academy movies are amazing, this list knows nothing

  3. 29/100 and 53/250 and about 5ish on the last 100.

    Do I have to have seen the crap ones all the way through as opposed to turning off before the end?

  4. 40/100

    3/bottom 100 -does include the Britney movie so should probably multiply by at least 10…ahem, back to work….

  5. 26/100, 48/250, …quite a good list to work
    to – I never know what to choose at the
    video shop!
    2/100 of the worst films

  6. Due to my mum’s relative lack of interest in films and my stepdad watching almost exclusively Westerns and historical/naval stuff (eg. Das Boot), I didn’t really start watching films til I was about 15… and I know I’ve still got some classics to see.

    That said,
    14/100 – 33/250 – probably 3/100 (can’t remember how many Police Academy I’ve seen, though that might be a good thing!)

  7. 31/100, 53/250 and 5/100 (although I’m not sure about the Police Academy ones either!)

  8. you truly are pathetic… my MUM has seen more of them than you! But maybe she’s just had more time or something…

  9. Yeah, ditto… all those late-night movies on TV and silly ones on Sky… never remember all their names!

  10. I would say it only counts if you’ve seen it all the way through – otherwise it’d be too easy to score highly. You have to go through the pain to get the recognition.

  11. I know that once you’ve seen one police academy film, you’ve seen them all, but you have to just think hard… or maybe just hire them all out on DVD and watch them all just to be sure.

  12. I don’t know what you could possibly be implying… my parents don’t have Channel 5 at home… or at least they didn’t when I lived there, now they do, thanks to Freeview.

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