Well, you may know that I was being best man for a wedding at the weekend – the wedding of Laura and Nathan (photos to follow sometime soonish). Well I ended up getting married myself! I stole Nathan from Laura and was involved in the first gay marriage in the UK. Yes, it’s about time I came out. Mine and Nathan’s love for each other can no longer remain a secret.

Now, you think I’m joking, don’t you? And in part I am. The bit I’m not joking about is that my name is with Nathan’s in the married couple’s slot on the wedding certificate. The wedding ceremony still took place between Laura and Nathan, so I really don’t know where that leaves us. Nathan’s probably a bigamist or something, hehe!

Anyway, the rest of the weekend went really well, and I even enjoyed giving my speech, although the time leading up to it was terrifying and I didn’t eat much and needed a few trips to the loo. All in all it was a very good, if a bit long, day. Was great to spend time with Nathan’s brothers and his family, seeing guys from Nottingham and, of course, spending time with my rather lovely girlfriend Lizzy.

Then late on Saturday night, Lizzy and I got picked up by my sister and went to her and Nik’s house to stay the night. Then Nik cooked us a wonderfully lovely Sunday roast and we eventually set off back to Nottingham around 5.45pm. Enjoyed the drive back through Snake Pass and the like, but was a little tired at the start.

We didn’t get home in time for church, so we just chilled in front of the telly and stuff until Lizzy left about 11.30. Just enough time to catch up on a few emails, but not enough time to blog… but now there has been.

You might have noticed that although I’m married to Nathan, I’m still carrying on my relationship with Lizzy. We like our relationships “open”. Also Nathan went off with some woman for two weeks to Mexico, so I figured I was entitled to have someone back here…

Anyway, on with another week! This half term is over half gone! YAY! (Yes, that’s half a half of a third of a year).

(Oh, and I think I was meant to say “hi” to Janine and Jon, some of Lizzy’s friends that read this… scary! Leave a comment guys :o) )

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5 thoughts on “I’M MARRIED!”

  1. Just for the record… how did you get your name into the wrong slot on the certificate? (also, did Laura sign the best man slot?)

  2. There isn’t actually a best man slot on the marriage certificate, just space for 2 witnesses(which are often the best man and head bridesmaid). So myself and Nathan are in the couple slot and Laura and Nicola (Laura’s sister and only bridesmaid) are in the witnesses bit.

    It’s all the vicar’s fault though – he told us to write in the wrong places.

  3. Hi, I hope you don’t mind me saying hello – I’m an old friend of Laura’s and she gave this address so I could see the wonder of Nathan dressed as a fairy!

    I just wanted to say that you did a great job on Saturday and that we really enjoyed your speech -you didn’t seem nervous at all!

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