More of the same?

Well, must be really brief as I have to get to bed for school tomorrow.

A few things of note:
– I had a really great weekend spent mostly with Lizzy, but also with other people at other times. A good 3 days, made the most of it I think.
– Church was “en plein air” on Sunday night, thanks to a power cut, so they ran a PA from someone’s car battery (I think) and had the service outside as there are very few windows in the church. Was fun, and it didn’t rain even though it looked very very threatening.
– For some reason, everyone’s become interested in a flash animation I copied onto my webspace some months back, I think it was John Partridge that gave it to me. If you’re linking to it, it’s probably best to use the original or something. It’s using quite a lot of bandwidth… so it’ll get deleted if this continues.
– And who is Frank?

Thanks, that’s all.

Author: Alex

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